Weight Stigma Awareness Week – External Bloggers

To compliment the structured style of the track driven blog conference, BEDA invited External Bloggers to submitting their writing as well.  We asked them to share their experiences with weight stigma in a personal fashion – a style that leans more toward human interest and will round-out the various ways in which people absorb and retain powerful messages.

While putting this event together, we wanted to draw from more than academia and activists and we thought that giving a separate platform to the voices around us who experience weight stigma every day was worthwhile.  We hope people will read, learn and be moved and the stories that we have chosen.  They are great examples of what weight stigma looks like in every day life.

Our deepest thanks to the following writers for participating and sharing their personal points of view.

Please, read and enjoy!


Death by Weight Stigma – Suzanne Dooley Hash, MD – BEDA Scientific Advisory Board Chair

Weight Stigma and the Celery Connection – Dr. Deah Schwartz

Let’s Get Loud: Weight Stigma is Learned – Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CSSD, LDN

First Stigma; First Self Love – Sarah Eaton



Fight Weight Stigma by Promoting Positive Body Image for Children – Dayle Hayes, RD, Advocate, Owner of Nutrition for the Future

A Breakup Letter to Weight Stigma – Leanne Curran, Owner of Therapeutic Space

Body Image – Irrelevant or Important in Addressing Weight Stigma? – Amanda Pileski, PhD

Mixed Messages About Teens, Bodies and Weight Stigma – Liza Casella



Practicing Weight Neutrality in a Weight-Obsessed World – Ashley Solomon, PsyD

Tilting at Windmills and Internalized Weight Stigma – JoAnn Broquie

Evaluating FATshion Blogs: A Body Equity Checklist – Jill Andrew, PhD (student candidate) www.fatinthecity.com



Weight Stigma as Entertainment and the Effect on Children – Sunny Haas

Changing Attitudes in a Weight Bias World – Amy Pezzente

My Body, My Business – Not Yours – Marilee Fritsch

Raising Children in a Weight Biased World – Bethany Winkel



Addressing Weight Stigma in Schools: Q&A with Dr. Rebecca Puhl – Nancy Matsumoto

The Road from “Skinny” to “Fat” – Maggie Maiville

Shame on You (Not Me) – Michaela Ballmann, MS RD CLT

College Girl to College Girl: What’s the Deal with Weight Stigma? – Alex Raymond and Shelby Santin

Is Weight Stigma Defining Our Lives? – Amanda Kripitsch