Weight Stigma Awareness Week – Toolkits


Toolkit for Providers Toolkit for Individuals, Friends and Families
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Combating Weight Stigma & Binge Eating Disorder

Information & Strategies to Help You Make a Difference 

Weight stigma is insidious.  Judgment, shaming, blaming, and discriminating based on body size shows up everywhere — in our homes, our offices, our personal lives, our professional lives. It is a key contributor to the development and continuation of binge eating disorder (BED). 

Now is the time to take action to end this prejudice that seriously damages the lives of people of all sizes as well as our society as a whole.

The articles contained within these toolkits, written by top experts in their fields, help you gain deeper insight into how weight stigma shows up for all of us, and what you can do about it.

The Toolkit for Providers can help physicians, dietitians and nutritionists, fitness professionals, physical therapists, massage therapists, psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals understand how weight stigma frequently, albeit unintentionally, may show up in their practices. It also gives clear strategies for combating the beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate weight stigma, to help professionals be at their clinical best in working with patients and clients greatly in need of their help.

The Toolkit for Individuals, Friends & Families can help those who are the victims of weight stigma better advocate for themselves and their loved ones when working with their physicians, dietitians and nutritionists, fitness professionals, psychotherapists, physical therapists, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals. In doing so, they can help ensure they get the high-quality care they deserve.

We hope this information helps us all better join together to make a real difference that will spell the end of weight stigma in today’s world.

To social justice for people of all sizes,

Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, CD – Chair, Weight Stigma Awareness Week ’13