Choosing Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Providers

Choosing Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Providers

Binge eating disorder (BED), like any eating disorder, requires specialized treatment. Recovery is a complex process, and there are a variety of levels of care and numerous combinations of services available. Binge eating disorder treatment providers also take different approaches to the process itself.

What to Look For In Recovery

Whatever level of care or approach to recovery is best for you or your loved one, make sure your treatment provider has specific training to treat binge eating disorder. This disorder has a number of things in common with other eating disorders, but it also has some unique considerations that must be addressed in treatment.

People with binge eating disorder:

  • Tend to have higher rates of depression and other mood disorders
  • Greater frequency of other addictions
  • Significantly higher rates of traumatic experiences
  • Are more likely to struggle or have struggled with obesity issues and weight stigma

Accordingly, treatment providers must be able to deal with these issues effectively.

In addition, research suggests considering weight loss as a goal of recovery actually further entrenches the disorder for many people with binge eating disorder.