Reflections on BEDA 2016 – Science of Eating Disorders

Read a wonderful review of BEDA 2016, Reflections on BEDA Conference 2016, in Science of Eating Disorders, posted Nov. 20 by Kristin B., who attended BEDA 2016.

Weight Stigma Study Needs Your Input

Have you ever been in treatment for binge eating or related eating disorder symptoms? Do you feel as though the eating disorder professionals involved in your treatment displayed signs of weight stigma (also known as weight bias, fat phobia, or fat shaming), either covertly or overtly?

ATTN Clinicians & Researchers: BED Study Seeks Subjects

UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders researchers Cynthia Bulik, PhD, FAED, and Stephanie Zerwas, PhD, are collecting blood samples for ED100K, the largest genetic investigation of eating disorders ever conducted. Now they need samples from people who have been diagnosed with binge eating disorder (BED) for their study. And they need your help.