New Research a Game Changer for Understanding Binge Eating

testing by Dr. Cynthia Bulik What better way to stop decades of misattribution of binge eating to willpower, sloth, or gluttony than actually identifying precise cellular connections in the brain that cause a mouse to eat, whether hungry or not! That is exactly what Garret Stuber, his neurobiology graduate student Josh Jennings, and colleagues have […]

World Health Organization (WHO) Survey on BED

Developmental Perspectives on the Social, Educational, and Occupational Impact of BED Worldwide by Dr. Cynthia Bulik Far too often eating disorders, especially BED, don’t make the editor’s final cut for epidemiological studies. Not this time. Two recently published papers by Ron Kessler et al. report on the WHO World Mental Health survey, which assessed 23,000 […]