BED and The Well-Trained Clinician: Are You Helping Without Harming?

Headshot photo of Marci Anderson Evans

By Marci Evans, MS, CEDRD, cPT The Need for Well-Trained Clinicians Binge eating disorder (BED) may seem new since it was just added to the official list of mental health diagnoses. But the truth is that using food to manage difficult internal experiences and emotions has been around a long time! While it’s official status […]

Reflections on BEDA 2016 – Science of Eating Disorders

Read a wonderful review of BEDA 2016, Reflections on BEDA Conference 2016, in Science of Eating Disorders, posted Nov. 20 by Kristin B., who attended BEDA 2016.

How does binge eating disorder affect normal-weight women– TEDp study seeks subjects

Eunice Chen, TEDp

By Eunice Chen, PhD, PI, Temple Eating Disorders Program, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA Binge eating disorder (BED) affects people with a range body weights. It may be that many people who suffer from binge eating disorder aren’t even aware they have BED. When someone is within what is considered a “normal” weight range, friends, […]