Where Self-Care Starts – WSAW 2016

by Naomi Ortiz Self-care doesn’t start with “doing.” Taking care of you doesn’t start with routines, activities, goals. Self-care starts with the truth, being in your truth. As a Disabled Mestiza raised in Latinx culture, my childhood was mostly about medical professionals using the idea of “fitting in” and having friends as a way to […]

Shifting My Focus from Weight Stigma to Radical Body Acceptance – WSAW 2016

by Melissa Mazza The art of photography has always fascinated me.  I love that it enables us to freeze a moment in time and hold on to it forever.  Blown out birthday candles, family vacations to the lake, cuddles with a beloved pet – all forever captured long after the moment has passed.  But what […]

Teaching Kids the Truth about Body Size and Shape – WSAW 2016

by Kathy Kater, LICSW In 1996, I had been treating adults with body dissatisfaction and eating disorders for 18 years. All these people, regardless of size, had the same goal: to lose weight. One day, my nine year old came home from a play date, and asked, “Why does my friend think she’s fat?” My […]