Teaching Kids the Truth about Body Size and Shape – WSAW 2016

by Kathy Kater, LICSW In 1996, I had been treating adults with body dissatisfaction and eating disorders for 18 years. All these people, regardless of size, had the same goal: to lose weight. One day, my nine year old came home from a play date, and asked, “Why does my friend think she’s fat?” My […]

Weight Stigma Awareness Week is September 26-30: Teaching Kids the Truth

BEDA’s annual online event, Weight Stigma Awareness Week, is September 26-30. The 2016 theme, Teaching Kids the Truth, will revolve around kids’ perceptions of weight bias and body image, and include personal narratives from adults discussing why it’s important to model healthy behaviors around developing minds and bodies. Some of the featured events include: Podcast hosted by Aaron Flores, […]