Creating Your New Normal: Staying the Course Toward Recovery as You Navigate the Holiday Season

By Wendy Mathes, MS, PHD, LPCA, NCC, DCC Veritas Collaborative The concept of “creating a new normal” is often discussed in therapy as individuals work towards recovery from an eating disorder. For those who struggle with binge eating, recovery may mean establishing a new relationship with food, finding new ways to communicate with family and […]

Jemma – A Video by Tammy Kremer – WSAW 2016

  Jemma is a webseries about a woman and her relationship with food. The first episode is currently circulating as a short film, and the first season is in development. To learn more about the project and sign up for updates, go to  When I discovered intuitive eating, a philosophy based on creating permission rather […]

Binge Eating and Binge Drinking: Same Origins

By Dixie Brown, MS, ICAADC, CAP, LCAS, Executive Director of Willow Place for Women Occasional binge eating and binge drinking is somewhat expected. American culture tends to lend itself to overindulgence. Certain national holidays even seem to revolve around the concept of overdoing it – Christmas and Thanksgiving, to name a few. Christmas is a […]