An empowered perspective on binge eating disorder–attending BEDA 2013 conference

We have received many positive remarks from attendees of the BEDA 2013 National Conference and sincerely appreciate everyone’s feedback. Here’s one clinician’s recap of her experience learning about binge eating disorder, size acceptance, weight stigma, and more at this year’s BEDA conference. “Attending the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) conference taught me more about this […]

8 Reasons Why Diets Fail and the Best Diet Ever

Dieting, counting calories, adding up fat grams, and avoiding carbs are givens for many women. Yet 97% of diets fail. And 75% result in weight gain beyond the original amount lost. If anything else had this failure rate, we’d give it up fast! Read on for 8 reasons diets just don’t work over the long […]