Jemma – A Video by Tammy Kremer – WSAW 2016


Jemma is a webseries about a woman and her relationship with food. The first episode is currently circulating as a short film, and the first season is in development.

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When I discovered intuitive eating, a philosophy based on creating permission rather than restriction around food, my entire life changed. I learned to be patient with myself around what I eat, rather than judge myself. I got in touch with what my body truly desires, which it turns out is not to eat constantly without looking up. The lessons learned in food transferred directly to other areas of my life. As Geneen Roth, one of the inspirations for the project explains it, food became a “doorway” to understanding the parts of my life that were not working, which I had been carefully avoiding by eating. 

About Tammy

tammy-kremer-cuTammy Kremer is a freelance artist, educator, and activist. Her MA is from New York University (Gallatin) in Arts and Peacebuilding where she studied educational theatre, film, and human rights. Her interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Gender, Bodies, and Space, with a minor in Dance and Performance Studies, is from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to creating Jemma, she directs Love Letters to Zionists, a podcast series centered around curated love letters from Jewish anti-Zionists to a beloved Zionist in their life.

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