I Am NOT the Stigma – Matt Shepherd – WSAW 2016

What up Bruh! I am a filmmaker, YouTuber, actor, and a man in recovery from an eating disorder and morbid obesity. Sharing my experience, brings such great purpose to my life. My YouTube channel is called Meet Matt Shep. As I continue to recover, I continually meet new sides of myself that challenge old ways of thinking and doing things. Sometimes it’s embarrassingly awkward and ridiculous. Why not share it with the world! I would love for you to subscribe to my channel as I share my journey. I am more than just the stigma. I am a lot of things.

i-am-not-the-stigma-meet-matt-shep-2Matt Shepherd is a filmmaker, YouTuber, actor, and activist for men with eating sisorders. Between film projects, Matt posts weekly content to his YouTube channel while building his company, What up Bruh! Productions. He continues to be a guest speaker around the country and in Canada regarding his experience as a man in eating disorder recovery, and healthy male empowerment.