BEDA 2016 Mobile App, Registration Deadline Today and Halloween Party Tickets

The BEDA 2016 mobile app is now available now! Download it to set up your profile, get the latest event information, check out the agenda, and more! BEDA 2016 – Google Play store BEDA 2016 – Apple store To scope out local San Francisco restaurants, visit the BEDA 2016 Restaurants webpage, or find this information […]

BEDA 2016 Annual Conference Registration is Open

BEDA Conference

Registration for the BEDA 2016 Annual Conference is now open! We invite you to join us October 27-29 at the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco. This year’s agenda is based on community and inclusion, supporting knowledge sharing and skill building for professionals and patients/caregivers.

A Brief History of Eating Disorders & Binge Eating Disorder

History of Eating Disorders & Binge Eating Disorder

By Millie Plotkin, MLS, Informationist, Eating Disorder Recovery Center Behaviors that could be described as disordered eating have been observed and documented for centuries. But only in recent history, within the last 200 years, have eating disorders been named, described, and listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). History of eating […]