Find Help--Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Find Help: Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

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BEDA knows that finding treatment can be a daunting effort. There are several important factors to consider when searching for binge eating disorder treatment, including the expertise of the treatment provider, location cost, and, most importantly, your comfort level with the person or team you are working with to find recovery. The relationship between you and the treatment provider or team is extremely important, and we recommend you “interview” several providers before making a choice. Also, check out the credentials of those you are going to interview. Treating eating disorders is a specialty and extremely complicated; thus, your provider should have considerable training and experience in this area. Further, it is recommended that you inquire as to the experience of the provider with binge eating disorder specifically. Many eating disorder therapists have an incredible amount of expertise in anorexia and bulimia, but have not received training specifically in BED since it has only recently been recognized as a true eating disorder. There are important differences and nuances in treating BED that require specialized training. Inquire as to how many years the provider has treated binge eating disorder, if they have attended a BEDA conference for specialized education, and what approach they take in treating BED. In addition to our provider list, we are working hard to bring you more information about:

  • Support groups
  • Support for families

You may also find information about the recovery process helpful.