Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2015 Welcome Message from Chevese Turner

WSAW2015logoEach year, BEDA opens its virtual doors to the community during Weight Stigma Awareness Week (WSAW) to discuss weight stigma and the impact on those with eating disorders and society as a whole.  For the last four years, BEDA has featured information primarily from the perspective of treatment professionals and eating disorders advocates with great success. For Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2015 (WSAW 2015), we’re broadening our scope.  

What does this mean?

Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2015 expands its reach

It means we’re working to expand BEDA’s community, voice, and resources through Weight Stigma Awareness Week to reach people not traditionally aligned with eating disorders issues, but those who experience weight stigma nevertheless and are equally concerned about its damaging effects to well-being.  This includes communities of color, communities dealing with gender identity issues, the chronic disease and disability community, and more.  

Help us spread the word about WSAW 2015

If you like what you read on our blog or you’re excited about a webinar or Tweetchat, please talk about it. Share it with family, friends, colleagues, your doctor, and any others you think might benefit. Anyone can use this information as a learning tool. Since the stigmatization of higher weight individuals is rampant, it’s likely most people you know can be enlightened.

Tools to speak out against weight stigma

Don’t forget, BEDA has toolkits to help both individuals and professionals prevent weight stigma among family members, at the doctor’s office, within the therapeutic relationship, and as guidance for programs designed around children’s activities.

chevese-turnerIt’s an honor to be a part of the greater community working to study, understand, and end the stigmatization of higher weight individuals. As someone who has experienced and perpetrated the attitudes of weight bias, I am grateful for the important work of the many communities and allies who are coming together to share their stories and advocacy during this week of enlightenment and education. We encourage you to spread the word about our Weight Stigma Awareness Week.


Chevese Turner

Founder, President and CEO

PS We want to hear from you, too!

We welcome your input and your feedback as we grow, because we hope to create a safe space to have these discussions, now and in the future.