Featured Contributor – Carmen C. Cool MA, LPC

Carmen Cool

 Carmen C. Cool MA, LPC

Carmen C. Cool MA, LPC cares deeply about creating a world where people of all shapes and sizes are celebrated.  She believes in a revolution of self-love, courageously embracing all you are, and the freedom that comes from trusting your body as an exquisite resource.  She helps people end the cycle of dieting and overeating.  Along the way, they unravel their body stories and learn to trust their bodies and themselves. Meeting each person’s experience with compassion and curiosity, she invites people to move away from the pursuit of weight loss and towards developing practices that are possible and sustainable in their every day lives  Because she believes that the way people are treated in this society affects their health, she engages in activism whenever possible. She is also a champion for youth to raise their voice and create new cultural norms around body image.

Carmen is a psychotherapist in private practice with a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology.  She is a also a certified Hakomi therapist, using a body-centered, mindfulness-based approach. A member of the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) and the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH), she has also been a Boulder County Leadership Fellow, was named “Most Inspiring Individual” in Boulder County in 2012, and won the Excellence in Eating Disorder Advocacy Award in Washington DC.

To learn more about Carmen, please visit her website www.carmencool.com.