New Director of Policy & Government Affairs, Joslyn P. Smith

BEDA is pleased to welcome Joslyn P. Smith as Director of Policy & Government Affairs.  In this role, Joslyn will be responsible for developing and managing BEDA’s federal agenda, coordinating and strategizing with other national eating disorders, mental health, and healthcare provider organizations, monitoring regulations and legislation, and serving as the primary liaison with Congress and the federal executive branch. She will […]

I Am NOT the Stigma – Matt Shepherd – WSAW 2016

What up Bruh! I am a filmmaker, YouTuber, actor, and a man in recovery from an eating disorder and morbid obesity. Sharing my experience, brings such great purpose to my life. My YouTube channel is called Meet Matt Shep. As I continue to recover, I continually meet new sides of myself that challenge old ways […]

Does My Teenager Have Binge Eating Disorder?

Young girl feeling tension while eating

By You brought home a dozen donuts one evening and left them on the kitchen table. Strangely, when you woke up in the morning, not a single donut remained. Perplexed, you asked your teenager about it, but they flushed and said they didn’t know anything about the donuts. What happened? If a situation like […]