BED, Weight Loss, and Co-morbidities: Removing Roadblocks to Recovery


+-*By Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD, FAED, CEDS “You can’t solve a problem until you know what it is.” Co-morbidities are conditions that present simultaneously in patients. They’re associated with worse health outcomes, more complex clinical management, and increased healthcare costs.1 Several medical and psychiatric co-morbidities commonly occur with binge eating disorder that healthcare practitioners frequently and […]

April is Emotional Overeating Awareness Month

+-*Binge eating is often referred to as emotional overeating, compulsive overeating or stress eating. April is Emotional Overeating Awareness Month. Learn more from Dr. Melissa McCreery, who’s featuring a series of posts about emotional overeating to commemorate Emotional Overeating Awareness Month on her blog Too Much On Her Plate. Topics include what it is, how […]

BEDA Hive Goes Live–See What the Buzz is About

+-*The Binge Eating Disorder Association has launched a new online community platform and a redesigned website. Called the BEDA Hive, this platform houses all interactive and community-based activities for BEDA members and is accessed from the BEDA website. Visit the BEDA Hive The BEDA Hive is BEDA’s brand new virtual community where members can come to […]